Helpful COntent: What do you get?



Get access to high-resolution messages from Andy Stanley and other North Point leaders to show on Sunday morning.

Prefer to do your own preaching? You also get access to an entire library of sermon outlines, artwork, and bumper videos that can help kick your sermon prep into overdrive!

Training materials

Training staff and volunteers is always a challenge, but we want to help you make it easier than ever! Get access to an entire library of materials plucked straight from North Point campuses (and even other network campuses) for teaching best practices to staff and volunteers.


Imagine having access to all the documents you need to help you run your church organization. From guides to forms and other church organizational resources in every area of ministry, we’ve got you covered.


We provide practical tools like a dashboard to help you capture and track key metrics around attendance and giving. These practical tools help you quickly track and view your church’s trends so you can always make sure data has a seat at the table when making decisions for your church.

Orange Curriculum

Our partnership with Orange Curriculum provides your church with access to strategies for children’s and student environments, including First Look, 252 Basics, XP3 Middle School, XP3 High School. To learn more about Orange Curriculum, click here.